Paint can make or break your home’s aesthetic, both inside and out. For instance, if your house has orange brick and the paneling paint colour is yellow, it will clash. Or if your home’s roof is green and the paneling colour is baby blue, it will not match. The goal of giving your home a fresh coat of paint, whether it be inside or outside, is to elevate your space in an aesthetic way that reflects your unique personality. When your personality shines through in your home, it will include different elements others wouldn’t think of, and your neighbours, friends, and family will be impressed.

Looking to elevate the look of your home? Connect with Prestige Painting GTA. Serving surrounding areas for years, we now offer our services in Woodbridge, Ontario. Our team of residential painters in Woodbridge and commercial painters in Woodbridge live and breathe painting, and we take your home seriously, treating it like our own.

Complete Home Painting Services in Woodridge

Whether you want to change the type or colour of the paint inside your home or switch up the shade outside, we can do it. Even if you want to do just one room, we can help, as we work on projects of various sizes. Not only will we recommend a palette that reflects your personality and matches your home’s current colour spectrum, but we will recommend the right type of paint too.

Did you know that kitchens and bathrooms require different paint than your bedroom? The type of paint used in these rooms is more durable and easier to clean. Likewise, the outside of your home requires a paint that is durable and can withstand the earth’s elements. You also get to choose different paint finishes, like matte, satin, and gloss. When choosing Woodbridge painters, you want a team of experts and flexibility in choice; you get both with our team.

Interior and Exterior Painting Services

Nothing is more frustrating than using one company for your interior and having to outsource to another company for the exterior of your home. We do both! We want to ensure you choose the right colour for your home, so our interior house painters in Woodbridge give you a free colour consultation where you can sample different colours and bases, such as oil, water, or latex. You do not need to be familiar with house paint, because we explain it all. Additionally, inside, we can also remove popcorn ceilings and paint your trim.

For the outside of your home, we work with various materials like brick, wood, or even metal. To paint brick, we use a hybrid blend. It differs from regular paints as it absorbs into the brick better, meaning it will last longer. We also offer painting services in Woodbridge for fences and doors.

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Prestige Painters Transforming Homes in Woodbridge

If you are looking for a simpler way to transform your home and give it a modern upgrade without hammering drywall and doing a complete reno, then repainting your space is a perfect idea.

Paint colours are so transformative that oftentimes once we are done with a space, the homeowners don’t recognize it (in the best way). It feels brand new. Our professional team is passionate and works with efficiency, all while keeping you in the loop.

Our Process

While we will help you to make the best paint decisions for your home and will apply a fresh coat, we go beyond the surface. We manage the project from start to finish so that it meets your satisfaction. We also prioritize customer support and will do a walk-through of your home with you before and after the painting is completed.

You have flexibility when it comes to paying too, as we offer luxury styles with competitive pricing. We always ensure the project meets and stays within your budget. Also, if you live in a condo, we check the regulations for you before we begin to ensure we meet legal and board standards.

Why Us

You may think all it takes for painting is a paintbrush and a wall, but it takes finesse, strategy, and expert techniques. At Prestige Painting, we have all of these. We always use top-quality materials that exceed industry standards, and we always protect your furniture and belongings. Additionally, all customers get a lifetime warranty, and you do not need to lift a finger once the painting is done. We do all the cleaning up for you.

Intrigued? Call us today at 905-264-6222 to get a free quote and elevate your space!

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