Tips & Ideas When Selecting Wallpaper For Your Space

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Wallpaper has become a common design trend for the modern homeowner. If you are inexperienced or new to wallpaper for your living space, look to Prestige Painting & Contractors in Vaughan and Toronto for the best wallpaper options to enhance the interior of your home.

Wallpaper InstallationWhether you intend to remodel your interiors with intimate warm colours or enhance your space with bright patterns and designs, your first step is to evaluate the style of the room in which you are remodelling.

If you are looking to achieve an sophisticated look, we recommend elegant floral textures with subtle lines in soft pastel colours. For the casual look and feel usually seen in the living room, faux finishes are often recommended. Combining faux finishes with elegant floral designs often provide a comfortable, calming feel.

When installing wallpaper in your home, you have several options and techniques to consider that can help enhance and modernize your indoor space, including your living room, family room, washroom, kitchen and hallways.

It is essential to understand that all wallpaper patterns and styles are not identical and because of this they do not function like one another. When installing wallpaper on your walls, you should consider whether you would want to cover all four walls or highlight a feature wall. If you are looking to achieve a contemporary design, a horizontal striped pattern on all walls in the room can provide the simple, elegant appearance without making your space look busy. On the other hand, if you are looking to make a strong statement and emphasize specific furniture in the room, this can be achieved by using a metallic or glossy wallpaper.

When selecting the wallpaper colours for your interior, you should always consider your furniture, flooring as well as window coverings. You can easily compliment your bold coloured paint by using textured wallpaper patterns with lighter hues and shades. This can bring out a powerful statement in any room.

When selecting your colours, it is important to match the rest of your interior. A great tip is to have these colours repeated in the patterns of your wallpaper selection. For individuals seeking a contrast, we recommend using accent colours and patterns as your primary tone.

For more tips & ideas when selecting wallpaper for your space, contact Prestige Painting & Contractors in Vaughan and Toronto. Our experienced professional wallpaper installers for your residential home can help improve your homes interior, bring fresh new wallpaper designs and concepts, ideas and modernize your living space with the newest and most popular colour combinations. If you are looking for a reputable wallpaper installation company who stands by its quality of work, efficiency and service, call today at 905-264-6222 for a free no obligational quote.