The Best Types of Paint for Each Room

If you use the same paint for walls in every room of your house, then you’re making a heavy mistake. Don’t bite your nails in worry though, as we can set you on the right path with expert guidance. The paint you use in your kitchen versus your bathroom should not be the same.

Why? These rooms serve different purposes, they have different lighting, and microclimates need specific paints to handle moisture and humidity. So, let’s get into the different wall paint types and what you should be using in each room.

Paint for Bedroom

Category of paint: Interior

Makeup: 100% acrylic latex

Finish: Eggshell or satin

This is one of the easiest rooms to cover for interior paint types as bedrooms have low foot traffic. This means you can be more flexible with the best paint for bedroom walls, which should consist 100% of acrylic latex. While you can opt for a matte finish, the common sheen chosen is eggshell or satin.

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Paint for Kitchen

Category of paint: Interior

Makeup: Latex enamel 

Finish: Eggshell, semi-gloss, satin

You should have a semi-gloss finish paint instead of a matte finish because kitchens experience a lot more wear and tear compared to other spaces in the home. If pasta sauce flies on a wall, good luck wiping that off! However, with a latex enamel paint, you have nothing to worry about.

Paint for Bathroom

Category of paint: Interior or “bathroom paint”

Makeup: Latex enamel 

Finish: Satin or gloss

While you can use satin, we recommend that you opt for high-gloss paints in a bathroom because it will maintain the quality for a long period of time. However, make sure you use it strategically in the areas that receive the highest amounts of moisture. The glossier finish also makes the walls easy to wipe so you can remove excess moisture with ease. It also protects your walls, as it’s quite difficult for moisture to break through its barrier thanks to its tight-knit molecular formula.


Paint for Ceilings

Category of paint: Any type of paint or “ceiling paint”

Composition: Latex

Finish: Matte or flat

The ceiling is a finishing touch to any room. You don’t want it to be glossy and shiny, as it will reflect the light and cause distractions. Also, it can create the illusion that you have less space. It can also be hard on the eyes. Flat white is recommended as this pale colour soaks up the light source and enhances your room’s size.

Paint for Trim/Cabinets/Windows/Doors

Category of paint: “Cabinet paint,” “trim paint,” or oil-based paint

Makeup: Alkyd (oil) or acrylic latex

Finish: Gloss or semi-sheen 

If you want your cabinets to be white and you want to prevent them from yellowing, then choose acrylic latex over oil. Oil-based types can provide a softer, smoother finish but it creates a stench when drying.

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Paint for Bathtubs and Showers

Category of paint: Look for types that are specifically made for bathroom appliances 

Makeup: Acrylic resin 

Finish: Gloss 

There is no doubt about it: you will want gloss for a bathtub. The acrylic resin is also necessary as it comes with a base colour and base hardener. We recommend chatting with your local hardware store so that they can find you the best option.

Paint for Unpainted Drywall

Category of paint: Primer

Makeup: 100% acrylic latex 

Finish: N/A

Since the drywall is unfinished, you will not have a final choice for a sheen or finish. Primer for dry walls tends to come in matte and white. The primer sets the tone for the colour of paint you will choose. It helps you achieve a fuller and more balanced hue.

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Paint for Living Room

Category of paint: Interior

Makeup: 100% acrylic latex 

Finish: Satin, eggshell, flat

Much like the best paint for walls in a bedroom, you have more flexibility in the living area because there is low traffic here. You can opt for a more delicate paint. However, if you have small kids, you may want to choose something that’s more durable and easier to clean. For this, it’s best to choose flat or eggshell paint.

Paint for Masonry Walls

Category of paint: Primer

Makeup: Latex acrylic

Finish: Gloss

Masonry walls are the walls that make up your basement. They can encounter water and moisture because of its location. With this special paint, it can trap moisture and expand. Once the moisture is gone, it will go back to its original size.

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