Steps To Properly Painting Your Home’s Exterior

Professional exterior painting of your home or residential property can provide your property with an updated look, increase curb appeal and provide protection from nasty weather conditions.

At Prestige Painting & Contractors, we take great pride in painting the exterior of your home. Our experienced professionals use the highest quality of paint and the best tools to update your home’s exterior.

A professional paint job can last for several years when appropriate preparation is made. See the steps below in order to achieve a long lasting, quality exterior paint job for your home.

Clean the Surface

Clean the Surface

In order to achieve the best painting results, it’s important to remove elements and dirt from your home’s exterior. This is typically done using a high powered pressure washer.

Fill & Repair Cracks and Broken Surfaces

Fill & Repair Cracks and Broken Surfaces

A proper paint job requires proper repair prior to painting. The professionals at Prestige Painting & Contractors will inspect the surroundings of your home for any damaged surfaces. We will repair holes, cracks and dents on wood, siding and stucco surfaces. Once the damaged surfaces are repaired, we will sand and smoothen the surface accordingly.

Prestige Painting & Contractors will inspect the exterior of your home and properly remove peeling or flaking paint. We will inspect for any gaps around the windows and doors – if gaps are found, they will be filled using a caulking gun.

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In order to achieve a perfect paint job, a coat of primer will be applied on top of any previous paint on your home.

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Painting Your Home’s Exterior

Our team of experienced professionals will help you choose the perfect combination of paint in order to achieve the fresh look to meet your objectives. Curb appeal is important, we recommended neutral colours or paint the exterior of your home with modern trends and features. The goal is to have a fresh professional layer of paint that stands out from neighbouring properties.

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To learn more about the Steps To Properly Painting Your Home’s Exterior, contact one of our experienced professionals today to help improve your home’s exterior, bring fresh new painting concepts, ideas and modernize your living space with the newest and most popular colour combinations. If you are looking for a reputable exterior home painting company who stands by its quality of work, efficiency and service, call today for a free no obligation quote.