Epoxy Floor Installation

Are you looking for the right solution to protect and define your floors? Polyaspartic, epoxy, or marble flooring may be the right solution for your residential or commercial flooring. Designed to stand up to the toughest challenges, epoxy flooring is a proven solution for garages, industrial buildings, and other custom flooring needs.

When you choose epoxy flooring, you are choosing to elevate the look and value of your building with designs that create modern and professional results.

Polyaspartic Flake Coating

Is it time to upgrade your cracked or stained garage floor? A premium polyaspartic flake floor epoxy coating will add years and value to your garage floor. Available in solid and granite look finishes, this coating prevents chips, scratches and cracks in your floor. It is also wear and weather resistant, giving you a finish that will stand up to even the toughest situations. 

It’s the perfect solution for home and business owners who need a quick and cost effective solution to upgrade their floors. Polyaspartic fake floors can be installed in 1 to 2 days, even in low temperatures so you don’t have to wait long for your floors to be ready. There is no need to buff or polish the floor either, and you can say goodbye to having to re-seal again and again. Polyaspartic fake floors stand up to the harshest chemicals and automotive fluids so you can use them in personal and professional garages.

Metallic Epoxy Coating

Designed to give home and business owners a customized floor, metallic epoxy coating is the perfect choice for homeowners who want to add elegance to their living space. Metallic epoxy is a multilayer coating system that uses a metallic additive mixed with a clear epoxy coating to create beautiful designs such as the look of marble.

As the metallic powder cures, it creates a pearlescent design that gives the look and feeling of luxury. Curing time is approximately 24 to 72 hours so you can get back to enjoying your space in no time.

Solid Epoxy Coating

Available in a variety of colours and staples, solid epoxy coating is an industrial-strength flooring option that is perfect for both homes and businesses. Designed to last for years, this value-added coating option saves you thousands of dollars in maintenance and repairs over the years.

You can stop worrying about cracks, chemicals or traffic. Solid epoxy coating is designed to withstand the toughest use and make it easy to keep clean and maintained. This makes them particularly ideal for commercial businesses and facilities with high traffic volumes from people and machinery.

Where Can Epoxy Flooring Be Applied

Epoxy floors can be applied in just about any room of your home and business. Your technician will be able to evaluate your space and provide you with information on any adjustments or changes or upgrades that need to be made before the epoxy can be applied. 

The most common apply applications in homes include:

  • Garage floor epoxy cost
  • Kitchen epoxy floor
  • Basement epoxy flooring
  • Bathroom epoxy flooring

Home and business owners prefer epoxy flooring over other options for a variety of reasons. It offers a clear, elegant finish that won’t fade or stain over time. Epoxy flooring is also 100 percent UV stable, which means it will never yellow. You can trust that your floors will look just as good as when you first installed them.

The durability and beauty of these floors is unmatched. They withstand high abrasion and are scratch resistant to polyurethane, making it the first choice of manufacturing facility owners. A high tolerance to heat means even the hottest tires won’t scuff or damage these floors.

Other reasons to choose epoxy flooring include: 

  • High stain and chemical resistance
  • Faster curing rate, so no bubbles from outgassing
  • Flexible for impact resistance

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