Painting Over Wallpaper: All You Need To Know

Sometimes, all you need to do is to get a brush and bucket and you have yourself a brand new room! If you have been thinking about giving that missing edge to your home, ditch the drilling and get spilling. You can consider painting over wallpaper rather than removing the wallpaper altogether. Many DIYers have been considering it lately and it has become a raging redecorating trend. While you can find a variety of new designs and textures in wallpapers these days, painting on it not only saves you the pain of scratching out the leftover but also saves you time and gives you a canvas to go Van Gogh on.

Is Painting Wallpaper Really a Good Idea?

Many busy homeowners consider painting wallpaper over reinstalling a new one. While it is always neater to fix up a brand new wallpaper, millennial homeowners have been experimenting with painting on it. It is definitely cheaper to just paint over the old one. Besides, it gives you a chance to let your true personality reflect through your walls. You can personalise your walls with the kind of art you like without flipping through catalogues to find the right design. This way, you can also give a variety of textures and tones to your wall to match the overall decor of your home. So, for the creative freedom you get, painting is definitely a good idea.

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Can You Paint Over the Wallpaper and Still Keep the Wall Looking Pretty?

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Given that replacing your wallpaper gives a cleaner finish, it doesn’t mean that you can’t go creative with painting on it instead. But, when can you paint over the wallpaper? Well, the answer is simple. When your drywall is weak and you have no time to replace the drywall, consider brushing it with the colour you have been crushing on lately. This allows you to not only change the colour scheme but also protect your drywall from further wear and tear. Removing the wallpaper sometimes damages the drywall and weakens the plaster.

When Should I Actually Replace the Wallpaper Altogether?

While wallpaper painting is easier and cheaper, you should also know when to consider replacing the wallpaper rather than painting it. If your wallpaper is very old, it is advised to remove the wallpaper and consider pasting a new one. Old wallpaper may not sustain the paint you want it to. Replacing the wallpaper with a new one will give you a cleaner finish and will keep your wallpaper from turning soggy with the paint. If you are a perfectionist and cannot stand the sight of a little messy paint stain or unmatched art, it is better to save yourself from the discomfort of painting over wallpaper and consider investing in a new one. Repainting an already painted wallpaper will hamper the finish and not give you the superior finish and neat look. Considering a new wallpaper is advisable in this case as well.

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How to Paint Over Wallpaper Like a Pro

Now that you’ve decided to get your hands dirty with the paint, here’s how to paint over wallpaper like a total pro:

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Step 1: Gear up
It’s time to bring out your old pair of denim and get your gloves on. You should also wear a mask to avoid the paint smell and a pair of goggles to save your eyes from the splashes. Don’t forget a hat so you don’t have to pluck out dry paint from your hair later.

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Step 2: Prepare the wall
Just like painting on the wall, you need a primer for painting over wallpaper. Go for oil-based primers that are tough. This seals the adhesive and helps keep the moisture of the paint away from the wallpaper. Without proper priming, the paint will peel off or create bubbles that will just ruin your art.

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Step 3: Prepare the base first
While you would be tempted to dive right into the design, snapping on a base colour is the best way to paint over wallpaper. Go for basic tones like black, white or chalk grey as they go with almost all the other design work. You should go for a good quality oil-based paint so the finishing is proper and sustains your masterpiece. It is better for you to have a double coating of the base paint. This will let your design emerge out beautifully from the base. Let the paint dry completely before you start with another coat.

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Step 4: Get Designing
Once the base is done and dry, you can start painting over wallpaper with the main design you have had in mind.

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