3D Wall Paneling

Interior trends are always changing within this incredibly dynamic market. Keeping up with design trends can be quite tricky if not expensive. Accent walls have become very popular in the decoration regimen for a long time as rooms with blank walls generally fail to create any impression. 

Panelling walls are classic, never go out of style, and today there are so many different designs to choose from in order to make any wall stand out. Whether you’re looking to change the space in the bedroom, office or even the style of your kitchen cabinets. From textured paint, wallpaper, exposed brick, murals or 3D paneling – these are just a few designs to drastically enhance any interior space.

3D Wall Paneling by Prestige Painting

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3D wall panels have become high in demand in recent years because they provide a luxurious look for a cost-effective price therefor, significantly upgrading your desired space is possible even within an affordable budget. 

The Panels we offer at Prestige Painting are easy to install and have long lasting durability which make for an excellent way to improve your homes interior. We offer MDF engineered panels meaning “Medium-Density Fiberboard”, which is a product engineered from wood. MDF is a high-grade composite material that can even be painted to enhance its design.

What Makes MDF More Desirable than Solid Wood?

Solid wood is great and sturdy but also contracts and expands when exposed to changing humidity or heat. Overtime, solid wood requires maintenance that MDF material wouldn’t.

MDF is a great choice for many reasons. MDF Panels are eco-friendly and leave little economical footprint as they are essentially created from recycled wood fibers that are pressed to produce dense and stable sheets. As a result of this process, MDF will not warp or crack and will have a much smoother finish that is much less expensive than solid wood. So, if caring for our beautiful planet is important to you then MDF panels are the way to go!

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Faux Leather Panels

Faux Leather Panels Installation by Prestige Painting GTA

We also offer Faux Leather 3D panels which provide a sense of comfort with its cushion- like design. As leather alone gives an upscale and classy statement; our premium wall panels also create a divine ambiance for cozy spaces. These 3D wall panels are of great quality and carry unique features which is reflective in the price. These panels will ultimately give your interior a that vibrant feel you’ve been looking for.

All of our panels whether MDF or leather are easy to clean and maintain which only add to the already great advantages. Unlike many other textured wall panels, there are no special cleaning agents required in the maintenance of our products, just a dusting cloth and some water is all you need to keep your panels clean.

Advantages to 3D Wall Paneling:

  • Gives Any Surrounding a Classy, Upscale Vibe
  • Looks Expensive but Extremely Affordable
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • Hides Ugly Wall Flaws
  • Available in Many Different Styles and Patterns
  • Lightweight and Easy to Install
  • Sturdy and Long Lasting
  • Can Be Installed in Various Areas
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Installation Steps for 3D Wall Panel in Your Home:

1. Ensure the surface where you wish to install your 3D wall panels is clean, flat and free of any cracks and bumps.
2. Put together a concept of the design and layout of the panels to ensure the desired results are perfect
3. With the use of a ruler or level, illustrate the position of the 3D wall panels prior to installation.
4. Administer a strong bonding cement glue on both the 3D wall panel and on the section of the wall you are going to install the panel.
5. Install all the 3D panels completely prior to any cosmetics such as cutting or trimming.
6. Prime the 3D wall panels.
7. After installation, you may have spaces between the 3D wall panels. Using a drywall compound, fill the spaces and once the compound dries, gently sand the compound to achieve a smooth surface.
8. Once all steps are complete it is time to administer primer over the joints and paint the 3D Wall panels.
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When selecting the 3D wall panel colours for your interior, it is important to consider your furniture, flooring as well as window coverings. If you require help with the perfect 3D wall panel finish that will compliment your home or business interior and décor, look to our experienced professionals to provide you with the best wall panel installation design for your property.

As leaders in 3D wall panel installation in the communities of Toronto, Vaughan and the GTA, we strive to provide the best quality of service and the highest quality of products in the industry. Our team of experts and designers can help you decide on the best style to highlight your feature wall at an affordable price.

To learn more on How To Install 3D Wall Panels and Selecting, contact one of our experienced professionals today to help improve your home’s interior, bring fresh new painting concepts, ideas and modernize your living space with the newest and most popular colour combinations. If you are looking for a reputable 3D wall panel installation company who stands by its quality of work, efficiency and service, call today for a free no obligation quote.

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