Eco-Friendly | Low VOC Paint | Is It Worth the Investment?

With the growing popularity of environmentally friendly products, more and more companies within the home improvement industry and around the world are looking to use products that are both eco- friendly and have zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compound).

So, what exactly does that mean?

It means that many products; especially building materials, have toxic compounds that ultimately affect our health in negative ways. That fresh new paint smell? Well, that is just one of the many by-products that result from the toxic compounds that are generally found in paint products. Over time these chemicals build up in the home and have a great impact on the body’s nervous system

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Advantages of Painting with Eco-Friendly Paints

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One of the great advantages to painting products that are labelled as low/ zero VOC is that there is very little odour that lingers in the home once the job has been completed and with today’s technology, they also dry almost as quickly as the competitive non-eco-friendly paint. What is also great about paints that contain little to no VOC is that they are much less likely to experience bubbling or peeling, meaning that your fresh paint job is likely to last much longer than the average paint.

Today there are many options and brands that offer premium low/ zero VOC products such as Benjamin Moore’s Natura line and Sherwin Williams Harmony line.

The disadvantage of Painting with Eco-Friendly Paints

As for the disadvantages, eco-friendly paint may cost more than the average non-eco-friendly paint and, in some cases, may also have limited colours available.

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