Eco Friendly | Low VOC Paint | Is It Worth the Investment?

There are many types of paints that are being produced which can negatively affect the environment as well as your health. These paints are produced using hazardous chemicals such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Volatile organic compounds are toxic chemicals that evaporate in the air and have a strong chemical smell. Because of this, VOCs have been linked to several health problems and a danger to the environment.

Eco friendly paints which are also referred to as non-toxic paints are considered safer then paints containing high volume of VOCs. These paints are also odour free and safer in our environment. Although Eco friendly paint is safer, some paints may still contain very little VOC. At Prestige Painting & Contractors, we only use the highest quality of paints and materials for all projects we work on.

Advantages of Painting with Eco Friendly Paints

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  • Eco friendly paints are considered non-toxic and they do not produce any dangerous smells or emissions which can endanger your health.
  • Safe for the environment and made of safe ingredients.
  • Permits painted surfaces to breathe.
  • Safeguards against condensation issues.
  • Less likely to experiencing bubbling or peeling.

Disadvantage of Painting with Eco Friendly Paints

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  • They cost more.
  • Painted surfaces take longer to dry.
  • Limited options of colours.

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