Best Wall Color for Gray Floors

Gray flooring is one of the top growing trends in interior design. It’s a clean and classic look that matches almost any color scheme in the home. But if it’s your first time installing this unique shade of flooring, you might be wondering what is the best wall color for gray floors? Continue reading this blog to uncover some of the best wall colors to match your neutral gray floors.

Top Wall Colour for Gray Floors

Finding the right wall color to complement gray floors will make a huge difference in the aesthetic of your home. Muted colors like pastel blue or light gray instantly creates a calm atmosphere while more daring shades like black or dark gray can create a chic but moody look.   

Here are the top wall colors that are guaranteed to enhance gray floors.

Pastel Blue

If you’re looking for a neutral wall color for grey floors, a soft shade of pastel blue might be the perfect choice. It pairs well with grey floors and helps to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere in the home.

This light and airy hue also complements any trim and wainscoting designs in a neutral shade.


Timeless Light Gray

A cool and classic choice to match gray floors is a timeless shade of light gray. This shade of gray is warm and inviting and instantly brightens up a space.

Because of its neutral tone, light gray blends seamlessly with other accents in the home regardless if they are a lighter or darker shade.

Bold Dark Gray

Make a statement with your wall color by painting it a bold dark gray. This is another versatile option as it works well with gray flooring and it enhances light and dark accents in the home like dark cabinetry, light trim, and monochromatic fixtures.

Gray walls tend to create a moody effect in a room while still remaining elegant and sophisticated.

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Bachelor Gray

Looking for a medium gray to suit your monochromatic home? Bachelor Gray is an excellent option. This warm shade of gray looks fantastic against bold black accents in the home in addition to gray flooring.

It serves as an excellent neutral in a room and helps to pull everything in the space together.

Black Accent Wainscoting

If you’re on the hunt for the best grey flooring wall color ideas, consider adding a pop of color with black accent wainscoting. Black and grey are an easy match since they are neutral shades and work well together. You can add some depth and visual interest to the space with wainscoting.

If you have a number of large windows in the home, you’ll notice that black accent wainscoting glistens beautifully from the reflection of natural outdoor lighting.

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Not White but Gray

Illuminate your home with a light gray hue for your walls. Combined with white accents on the trims and doors, this shade of light gray instantly brightens up a space.

And it also works well with lots of natural lighting from large windows in the home.

Timeless White

So what’s the most ideal wall color for grey floors? Many designers will suggest a timeless shade of white for your home.

White walls help to brighten up a space especially when paired with an abundance of natural light. If you prefer a clean and minimalist design to go with your grey floors, white is a great choice.

Is Gray the Most Versatile Colour?

Gray is one of the most versatile colors to feature in your home because it’s adaptable and works well with a variety of color schemes.

There are also many different shades of gray to incorporate in a space. Whether you need a softer shade of grey or something more drastic like shades of slate and charcoal, there are a wide range of options to select for your home.

Trust Prestige Painting to Select the Best Wall Color for Grey Floors

When you need the best wall color ideas for grey floors, choose a shade that complements your flooring. A lighter hue like white or light gray will illuminate a space while a richer shade like dark gray or black can create a moody look and feel. 

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