Benefits of Painting your Home’s Interior

Home interior painting provides a number of benefits – all the way from improving your health to increasing your property value. So if you’re thinking about changing the color of your walls, reach out to Prestige Painting & Contracting today and read on for the benefits of why painting your home is so important. Benefits of painting your home’s interior:


A great way to boost the value of your home – whether you’re planning on selling it or not – is with a fresh coat of paint on the walls.

This is an affordable avenue to boost curb appeal without investing a significant amount of money.

A fresh paint job suggests to potential buyers that you care for your home – and this care will likely transfer over to other areas of the home.

Even if you aren’t looking to sell in the near future – a professional paint job can last over half a decade!


Paint does more than just add a splash of color to a room. Over time, the materials used to construct the home such as plaster and drywall can soak up moisture, which in turn, can supply additional weight to the walls and ceilings of your home. Paint will prevent moisture from soaking into the drywall which will also keep mildew and mold away.

A painted wall will also keep dirt and dust from building up, and instead gather on the floor and can be easily swept up. But perhaps the most important duty of paint is acting as a shield between you and your home. Paint is an additional layer of protection for your home from everyday living like damage from pets or children, or moving furniture.



It might be hard to believe but paint can actually help improve the quality of the air inside your home, making life better for you and your family. Zero VOC paint – which stands for volatile organic compounds and are carbon-containing, and can easily become vapor or gas – actually releases fewer toxins into your home than the paint we previously used in our homes.

Low and zero VOC paint contains little or no dangerous fumes, gives off a minimal odor when applied, and has absolutely no odor when it has settled and dried! New paint will also keep dirt and dust build-up to a minimum, furthering the advantages for those who suffer from allergies or respiratory issues.


When we first move in, we’re living in a home that has likely been painted to suit a different person’s taste and style. There is even a chance the color doesn’t match your decor. A great way to personalize your home is with a fresh coat of paint, but an added benefit is that during the process we’re covering up any dents, scratches, and marks on the walls.

When it comes to deciding on a color, pastels can make the mood of a room calm and serene while bright colors inject a boost of vibrancy while also making the space feel larger. If you want relaxation opt for blue or greens; yellow and oranges suggest productivity and energy, and neutral colors offer comfort.

It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do, and the many benefits of painting your home speak for themselves. The experts at Prestige Painting & Contracting are eager to assist you every step of the way – so visit online or call today!