6 Signs its Time to Paint your Home’s Exterior

Maintaining the well-being of your property extends to monitoring the paint outside your house. If you let the paint fade, crack, and/or peel, you’re doing a disservice to your house both visually and structurally, and could even cause health issues for you and your family in the future.

Painting the exterior of a house will not only protect your home but increase the value of your most valuable asset. If you think your home’s exterior needs repainting, but you’re not sure where to start, the professional exterior house painters at Prestige Painting and Contracting have put together this handy guide of signs that inform you when it’s time to get painting before it’s too late.

Paint is Wearing and/or Tearing

Are you noticing your home’s exterior paint starting to peel, bubble, or crack?

These are classic signs of wear and tear, signaling it’s time to think about a new paint job.

These are indications that the paint is losing its adhesive properties, leaving your house exposed to the elements.

Ensure there is no further damage to your home before proceeding to re-paint.

Paint is Fading

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Fading paint is not such an urgent matter to deal with, but it does make your home look less desirable.

Fading is unavoidable after facing years of harsh sunlight.

Don’t let your home’s aesthetic appeal dwindle!

Consider a fresh coat of paint to breathe new life back into your humble abode.

Selling your Home

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Most realtors will advise you to apply a fresh coat of paint inside and outside your home before you put it on the market.

You want to make a good first impression on prospective buyers and painting is a reasonably affordable and easy way to immediately enhance your home’s curb appeal.

A shabby-looking home is an immediate turnoff and will stoke questions about other issues with your home.

Gaps or Shrinking Between the Boards

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Sometimes you may start to notice gaps appearing between the door and window frames.

This means that moisture could be seeping into your home’s framing and you’ll probably want a professional to diagnose any potential structural issues.

Moisture is the enemy of any home and if you see these gaps forming between the boards, it’s time to get an inspection done promptly.

Paint immediately afterward you’ve confirmed that there are no problems because paint helps protect your home from excess moisture.

Caulk is Cracking

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Caulking is an essential part of waterproofing any home. This sealant is used along the edges of doors, windows, and walls.

As caulking ages, it loses its elastic properties, dries out, and starts to crack or fall apart, leaving your home exposed to potential damage.

You should replace any cracked caulk immediately and then paint over it for extra protection.

Paintable caulk is available that leaves a very nice end result on your home’s exterior. 

It’s Time

The best professional advice we can offer is that you shouldn’t necessarily wait for these warning signs to appear before you paint.

Taking a proactive approach can ensure your home’s protection and make sure that it’s looking great all year round.

Taking these exterior house painting precautions now could save you big money in the future if you’re not having to deal with other repairs caused by exposures. But when is the best time to paint your house?

There are several factors to consider including the quality of the initial paint job and the quality of the paint used. Generally speaking, you should paint your home’s exterior every 5 to 10 years.

It also depends on the materials of your home’s exterior. For example, wood needs to be painted more regularly, as often as every 3 years. Meanwhile, aluminum and stucco may be painted every 5 years.

Need Professional Painters In Toronto?

Now that you know all the signs when it’s time to paint your home’s exterior, you’re set to crack the cans and get rolling! 

However, painting the outside of your home is a tough and very important job. It has to be executed correctly for long-lasting results. If you don’t feel like tackling it on your own, you can trust the house painting services offered by Prestige Painting & Contracting to get the job done for you. Our award-winning crews have a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction that goes unmatched across the Greater Toronto Area. 

Whether you’re looking to paint the interior or exterior of your home, Prestige Painting and Contracting promises perfection.