10 Steps To Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets (The RIGHT Way!)

A kitchen upgrade can be achieved without costing you a fortune. Understanding the steps involved in how to paint kitchen cabinets is fundamental to your renovation project. New variations of cabinet paints such as water based or acrylic allow for a successful kitchen cabinet renovation. Utilizing these paints and high quality tools like paint rollers and paint sprayers used by Prestige Painting & Contractors will ensure high quality results.

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Step 1: Protect The Surrounding Area

Painting Cabinets can cause quite a mess, primarily on your counter tops and surrounding area. Prestige Painting & Contractors ensures a protective cover over your countertops and any surface which may get affected while painting.

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Step 2: Remove cabinet accessories and hardware

When painting your kitchen cabinets, we take no short cuts, ensuring the job is done correctly. With a rush job, the end result will not look good and taking short cuts will simply result in hinges and hardware that are covered with paint. In order to achieve a neat and perfect kitchen cabinet renovation, it’s important to remove all drawers, hardware and accessories from the cabinets prior to painting.

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Step 3: Document Everything

To ensure everything goes back together correctly, it’s important to label the doors and drawers. We keep everything organized with a quick diagram which displays all the doors and drawers in your kitchen cabinets.

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Step 4: Sanding

Prior to painting, it is essential to sand your kitchen cabinets to ensure the new paint holds perfectly.

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Step 5: Primer

In order to paint your kitchen cabinets as quickly as possible, Prestige Painting & Contractors recommends a fast drying primer. It is essential that the primer and the paint will work well together, our experts take the time to provide you with the best paint options available. We ensure the paint and primer compatibility prior to administering them on your kitchen cabinet surfaces.

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Step 6: Clean Surfaces

In order to achieve a perfect paint job, it’s important to remove all dirt and dust from doors, drawers and frames. We will vacuum the surface carefully and then finish by wiping with a cloth.

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Step 7: Sanding

In order to achieve a perfect final coat, it’s very important to repeat sanding after your primer completely dries. This will ensure you remove any dust or drips that may have occurred during priming.

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Step 8: Painting

Using a high quality paint brush, Prestige Painting & Contractors will apply the initial coat of paint on your kitchen cabinets. For larger surfaces such as cabinet doors, we may use a high quality paint roller to tackle the job quickly and efficiently.

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Step 9: Sanding Paint

For the perfect finish, we will need sand the painted surfaces and remove any deficiencies we might find using 220 grit sandpaper.

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Step 10: Second Coat of Painting

Now that all the deficiencies have been removed, we will apply a second coat of paint to achieve the rich professional look you been looking for. Once the kitchen cabinets are dry, we will install them. Congratulations on your newly renovated kitchen.

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To learn more about The Steps To Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets The RIGHT Way, contact one of our experienced professionals today to help improve your homes interior, bring fresh new painting concepts, ideas and modernize your living space with the newest and most popular colour combinations. If you are looking for a reputable kitchen cabinet painting company who stands by its quality of work, efficiency and service, call today for a free no obligational quote.

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